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Dear Friends,

Teachers are builders of the nation. They are the real masons who lay the foundation of nation committed to the growth and development of values. The success of the student depends essentially upon the competence of teachers, their sense of dedication and their identification of the interests of students. A society cannot progress without the help of good teachers.

AAKSC is established in order to share my learning and experience with you. I have a firm believe that God has never given dreams without ability to achieve them. These dreams can be achieved only by the dedicated mentors & hard-work of dreamer.

A subject can be simplified, if a learner gets proper guidance to see it from different angles. I had proven in my teaching career (since 1996) that it can be simplified by systematic and friendly approach. Learning anything require positive attitude and strong desire to attain perfection in it.
In these crucial years, students & their families go through a tough time, they need a place where they can found a friend who can dilute their worries & has empathy with them. Our testimonials indicates that we always try to be the one.

AAKSC is a platform for students to explore their potentials. We not only take care of academic aspects but also emphasize on social and environmental issues through SAMCHETNA and AAKSC PARIVAR.

So lets simplify chemistry with joint efforts.

Make learning as simple as drinking water.

Anurag Aggarwal


Nurturing career with care and vision


To contribute in the success of students and in making of peaceful and liveable world through quality education.


Assurance of achievement by knowedge, System care.


  • Thoroughly revised and updated aim to give student extra edge over others. Students are supposed to try the set of problems given in them
  • They are targeted on the two important factors i.e. good subject knowledge & a regular practice of subject.
  • They are designed in order to improve time management and minimizing errors
  • They cover all aspects like entrances, boards & comprehensive subject knowledge.
  • All students are expected to solve then in time frame

Testing Systems

  • There is a well planned testing system which force on boosting abilities of every student.
  • We expect sincere attempt on all tests, in order to develop expected abilities.
  • Subjective tests are conducted weekly, which help students on presentation of test as well as improve their school scores.
  • Fortnightly objective tests (OMR Based) are conducted which have clear focus on all type of entrances.

Teaching methodology adopted by us has a holistic approach & generates

interactive & information classroom discussion, which ensures communicationbetween student & teacher

“We have a competitive environment with personalize attention to analyze student performance”

Students Conduct:

  • A student arriving 10 minutes after the start of classes / tests shall not be allowed (except any strongreason with the constant of parents)
  • Any study material given during the classes or otherwise shall not be given to those students, who are absent without prior information.
  • If a student misses a test he/she can collect from the office within next week.
  • If any student remains absent for more than 10 days without prior written application he/she shall not beallowed to attend classes. He/she shall be discussed to be expelled without any refund of fee.

Sincerity & Discipline:

  • All students enrolled with the institute are expected to work hard regularly.
  • Students are expected to switch off their mobiles before entering institute whether for classes or for tests.
  • They can use office phone to cal their parents, in case of emergency.

Parents Conduct:

  • It is the responsibility of parents to submit tee of their ward in time as per schedule. They should notexpect reminder or call from the centre.
  • Parents can meet centre-in-charge or Anurag Sir for any enquiry about their wards progress or any other problem with prior appointment only. For Anurag Sir : Timings are 8:15 pm – 8:45 pm everyday
  • Any change of address or mobile no. should be notified in writing. If cheques of fee are bounced then tee should be deposited by next day in cash only with bouncingchargesIn case of any misconduct by the student or late payment of fee (without justified reason), then institute has all rights to take necessary action

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